Thursday, 28 August 2008

Audins Gull lincs; Arctic Skua on Redwll Marsh and a Purple Sandpiper at Snettisham ...... and a bit of photographic catch-up

The ever so slightly elusive Audins Gull Chapel St leanards Lincolnshire. 22 August. An early start and a long wait ended in a mad dash down the beach after a wait of over 7 hours. Fortunately this was sparked by the real thing not a false alarm, as going along the beaches soft sand was no easier than the infamous shingle of Blakeney Point !!! Very good views of the bird loafing on the beach, and looking somewhat tiny flying alongside a Great Black Backed Gull. It flew strongly out to sea before we headed for the local chip shop and home
Purple Sandpiper at Snettisham 27 August. Reported the previous day, but I could only manage a WHEATER moving along the beach. Not easy to find in the morning ,blended ivery effectively nto the Mussle Bed,flying out onto the shingle and even trying to hide by coming onto the seaward face of the defences -but hugging the overhang and being almpst invisible from above !

Juvenile Arctic Skua Redwell Marsh 26 August. reduced to a silhouette by the early morning light but a very smart bird which did several circuits in the air between spells on the water. an impressive supporting cast of Waders included Spotted Redshank. Wood Common and Green Sandpipers

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