Saturday, 23 August 2008

Where did Summer go ....... Wood Warbler in Beds to Audwins gull in Lincs!

Summer has turned into Autumn so hopefully some more Goodies to come ! The Bedfordshire Stilts were folowed the day after with a superb Wood Warbler at octogan Farm. Yesterdays mad dash to Lincolnshire turned out to be not such a silly .... idea with stunning views of the Audwins Gull on the beach and in the air - pictures to follow !! Somewhere in between there has been the Trumpeter Finch at Blakeney the Citrine Wagtail at Titchwell and the Buff Breasted Sand at Maxey Gravel Pits in Cambs........ and other assorted goodies along the way, with some hoefuly to be dragged off the Camera. A quiet look at the sea this morning - Gannets,Terns and a single skua. Still a few days of the Summer holiday left, so back to the sea tomorrow.

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