Monday, 28 June 2010

Razorbill Holme Beach 27 June

Razorbill holme 27 June.

With recent unseasonal sightings of Auks on the sea, this razorbill was heard before it was seen, calling persistantly as it drifted close inshore. It spent half an hour on the beach, where it continued to call , before returning to the water and drifting out with the rceding tide.

27 June Holme extras

Peppered Moth from the observatory trap

Black Tailed Godwit Redwell Marsh

Black headeed Gull Redwell Marsh - currently hosting a very loud Gull colony enjoying a successful breeding season

Monday, 14 June 2010

Mandarin at Holme and Red Backed Shrike at Snettisham 13 June

13 June Mandarin on the broadware at Holme. A Holme Tiick on anotherwise quiet day - a dozen Gannets on the Sea, with a scattering of Terns and a single razorbill or Guillemot.

13 June. Red Backed Shrike Snettisham Coastal park.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Red Kite 11 June Beds

2 birds Still in the same area.
. The classic kite silhouette above and buzzard below. Couldn't get them into the same pictiure

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Red kites in Beds 9 June.

Red Kites are magnificent birds - A shame the weather didn't allow the camera to do them justice !! Having 1 bird perched was nice. having it joined by a second bird when it returned to the air was spectaculour.

An invasion of Stilts !!!

An extremely optimistic record shot of 4 of the 5 Black winged Stilts that arrived at Titchwell on 5 June. Sadly light and Distance never got any better for the camera ! Though I managed to miss the Gull Billed Tern that later passed through Holme and Titchwell the day did bring a male Montagues Harrier, various parties of Bearded Tits and excelent views of a Bittern feeding in a pool by the path.

A very vocal Redshank Snettisham 3 June

Avocet Snettishan 3 June

Trumpeter Finch Cley 1/2nd June

Having seen my first Trumpeter Finch only last year after a trudge up to Blakeney point, a lingering bird on Cley beach proved too tempting to resist. Though viewed at some distance, in not the best light the evening visit also provided excelent views of a singing Marsh warbler and a stunning male Red backed Shrike. Some brief snatches of song from the nightingale singing at Walsey Hills left the query about the possible Thrush Nightingale unresolved.

Trumpeter Finch 1 June

Trumpeter Finch 2 June. back for a second visit - with much closer views in much better light !

The Diver that got away ... but another good moth out of the trap

another Green Hairstreak Holme 30 May

Bedstraw Hawk Moth Holme 29 May. A scarce migrant continuing the recent good run of moths at Holme. A morning Seawatch had earlier produced a diver that remained unidentified as it passed the Dunes heading west -Rather frustrating given the time of year, but one that got away and one of the perils of a lone seawatch !!! 3 bearded Tits were a pleasant surprise from the NOA car park hide.

Mistle thrush Holme 29 May.