Monday, 11 May 2009

Spring again - or some more good birds along the way

A few more nice surprises to add to the list so far - though unfortunately not all availabe for the camera.
11 May Temminks Stint Bedford. Not the first I have seen but a first for Beds: + Hobby, Yellow Wagtail, Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers Redshank and Oystercatcher.
10 May. a quiet day on the coast but still throwing up reeling Grashopper Warbler Weatears and Terns offshore. A flock of over 50 Black Tailed Godwits wheeling over Redwell Marsh was a spectaculour sight.
9 May. highlight of the day 2 Red rumped Swallows flying together at Cley, having kindly lingered for me from the previous day. Followed by Montagues Harrrier, Red Kite, Hobby, Buzzard and Kestrel at a second site.
8 May 3 Dotteral Ringstead. - Showing nicely on the ground until flushed by a Hobby, flying so low over the field that it was almost touching the ground + Whinchat Weatear and singing Corn Bunting as extras.

Temminks Stint Bedford - 11 May. Another in the optimistic 'record shot' category

Gadwall Redwell Marsh Norfolk 10 May

Black Tailed Godwit Redwell Marsh 10 May. 1 of a flock of over 50 birds that came in.

Common sandpiper 10 May Snettisham

Weatear Snettisham 10 May Snettisham

Weatear Snettisham 10 May

Weatear Snettisham 10 May

Weatear Snettisham 9 May

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Spring Catch-up .......

One of the delights of spending time on the Norfolk coast - Barn Owls are never difficult birds to see . Hopefully there are a few more surprises to come but the spring's edited highlights so far have been good !
4 May Ring Ouzel Snettisham. 2 May A stunning Male Golden Pheasant in the Brecks. 27 April Whiskered Tern Paxton Pits. 26 April ICELAND GULL past Holme from the Dunes as well as 3 Ring Ouzels and posing Grasshopper warbler. 25 April BLACK HEADED WAGTAIL at Titchwell. 24 April A superb adult SPOONBILL found on ken hill Marsh, and still present early the next morning. 18 april 2 Dark Phase Arctic Skuas past Holme as well as 3 Gannets. 17 April 3 Black Necked Grebes 4 Little Gulls Pentney Gravel Pits 16 April Juvenile Kittiwake briefly settling on Holme Marsh at a time when the sea was seemingly dead !!
14/12 April 2 Black Redstarts Old Hunstanton. 9 April Blue Headed wagtail with Yellow Wagtails Old Hunstanton. 6 April Crossbill. Ring Ouzel Snettisham Coastal Park. Red Kite Peregrine Sandringham. 5 april 2 Cranes circling over Holme before turning back east. 4 April 10 Crossbills Black Redstart Snettisham. Male Common Redstart Heacham. 31 March at least 5 Porpoise in a prolonged performance off the dunes at Holme

Whiskered Tern Paxton Pits 27 April - either a blob on a stick or a very optimistic record shot !

Black Headed wagtail Titchwell 25 April

Spoonbill Ken Hill Marsh 24 April.

Chiff Chaff Snettisham 20 April

Black Necked Grebes Pentney Gravel Pits - a rather optimistic record shot

Grasshopper Warbler Holme above Snettisham below

Black Redstart Old Hunstanton 12/14 April