Sunday, 7 June 2009

Black Winged Pratincole Titchwell 5th June

A return to Norfolk allowed more excellent views of the Black Winged Pratincole at Thornham, both in the air and on the ground. Though the views were good, the light and distance meant there was no chance of getting any pictures. A visit to Titchwell on the 5th delivered the goods in the form of stunning flight views from the Parrinder hide, and , eventually a chance to snatch the pictures below as the bird teased its admirers with occasional and very brief moments away from the vegetation thet obscured all but its head !

Spoonbill. Titchwell 5th June Note the 2 colour rings on its right leg - Red over Yellow

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More spring Delights .......

An unproductive trip to Breydon Water Yarmouth in search of what turned out to be a controversial 'GREAT KNOT' on 30 May was followed the following day by stunning views of a BLACK WINGED PRATINCOLE over fields between Holme and Ringstead t. The bird had been originally reported as a Collared Pratincole, which would have been nice, but its subsequent rediscovery and reidentification produced a lifer on the Holme Patch ! Not quite Redwell or Holme Marsh but close enough ! The 29th had produced good views of the Squacco Heron at Wicken Fen and Golden Oriele, Bittern Bearded Tit and Hobby at Lakenheath.

Squacco Heron Wicken Fen. 29 May. The views were better than the photos! Pictures taken from a cramped hide that was difficult to view from and even worse for the camera.

Kingfisher Abbey Farm Flitcham 28 May. - Followed the same evening by classic views of Nightjar and Woodcock in the Sandringham area. Not surprisingly no photos of either species !

Sedge Warbler Snettisham 24 May

No pictures or even views of the voles, but a surprise notice stumbled across while visiting the 'open gardens' in Dersingham in a birding lull. A group of Kentish water Voles being catered for in Norfolk , having been temporarily relocated because of an engineering project.

Tawny Owl Holme NOA 23 May. pictures of this years 2 young Tawnies ringed at the Observatory. A particular delight for a visiting group of birders from Northern Ireland.Followed later in the day by a group of 5 Spoonbills that flew East over the marsh

Drinker Moth Caterpillar Redwell 23 May