Friday, 10 June 2011

A Singing Reed warbler - a Garden first for Bedford

8th June. It's out there somewhere! The view from the back window, with a singing Reed Warbler in the bushes behind and left of the green bench. Not the first Reed Warbler for the garden but certainly the first singing bird

A garden Blackcap in the hand - no nets involved , but no rings to hand either !

5th June.

A Blackcap that flew into the Kitchen window in Snettisham, but quickly recovered itself and flew into the hedge at the back of the garden.

Family groups of Blue and great tits visiting the feeders

Turtle dove Snettisham 2 June

Little Owls near king's Lynn 29th May

Having seen Little Owls in a number of places recently, an opportunity to go with with David when he helped ring a brood of 4 near King's Lynn was an opportunity for a close encounter ! The half term week spent in Norfolk produced a mixed bag of weather and no birding surprises, though Spoonbill was a site tick for the NOA's Redwell Marsh.

Back to the nest cavity in an ols Apple tree !

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Great Spotted Woodpecker Bedford

A very vocal and curious Great Spotted woodpecker at the nest hole, being fed by both parents and very near to fledging. At least 1 juvenile foraging in the area a week later and no one home at the nest hole. Filmed on may 27th