Thursday, 24 April 2008

Godwits in Bedford and the Lark that got away in Norfolk ........

Black Tailed Godwits Fenlake Meadows Bedford.Part of a lingering group of 23 an unusual Bedfordshire record. Followed in recent days by a good passage of birds including Little Gulls, Black Terns an impressive influx of arctic Terns with 50+ over the main Lake at Priory c.p. one afternoon.

Redstart Holme - 1 of a pair. A morning spent at Snettisham had produced nice views of a male Ring Ouzel, singing Grasshopper warbler as well as Yellow Wagtail and Sedge Warbler - but not the Gargeney lurking out on Ken Hill marsh. With the addition of the Redstarts, and the Pochards posing for the camera all was well - until news broke of the Black Lark at Winterton. Sadly the news really seemed to have arrived too late, with too far to go to expect to see the bird that night. It was seen briefly by a lucky few early the following morning ..... but turned out to be a birders worse nightmare , the Sunday night special that effectively dissappears ... to the great dissappointment of those who chose to travel hoping it would remain and show well the next day.

Red Crested Pochard Holme

Friday, 11 April 2008

Easter in Norfolk

The Easter break traditionally provides a good range of spring migrants along the coast. This years early date for Easter and unhelpful winds meant the migrants were not so easy to find.A brief covering of snow did provide some distraction. No Ring Ouzels appeared at Snettisham or Heachem, but a few Weatears and the first Swallows and Sand Martins did appear.

A view from the Coastal Park looking towards Hunstanton - taken the same morning as the snow scenes above !!

Short Eared Owls. Above, a distant shot of 1 of 2 birds Hunting the marsh at Holme. Below, 2 images from Snettisham Coastal Park. This individual is the only Short Eared Owl I have seen at Snettisham right through from last Spring. Discovered sheltering in bushes, I did not see it again on any of my later visits.

Barn Owl and Stonechat Snettisham. Stonechats were widely spread along the coast, with at least 12 in the coastal park on 1 day's visit.

Tree Sparrow on the garden feeders with the regular flock of House Sparrows. At least 2 present for 1 day, and 3 the next.

Swallow and House Martin Holme. Part of a party of 35+ birds at Holme - the first sizeable flock of the year.

Weatears Snettisham

Brambling Holme

Dinner for 2 ?

and the week finished as it started - a snowy scene at Guist, though the Snow melted away as quickly as it had done at Snettisham