Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collared Flycatcher - Holme 8th May. A Norfolk mega on the home patch

It has always been a dangerous thing to let David stray out of sight, but it was my good fortune that he found Holme's second COLLARED FLYCATCHER with me standing within shouting distance - and that the bird stayed and showed well to an ever increasing crowd throughout the afternoon and evening.

Having volunteered to cover the Observatory for the morning, a Spotted Flycatcher was a welcome early sighting, but there was otherwise little obvious sign of mass migration. A report of a Wood Warbler along the approach track was confirmed by David relocating it, but it remained elusive. Abandoning the Obs for half an hour to join him failed to produce any views of the bird, so, with Sophie back to man the Obs, a fresh attempt to get better views was in order.

True to form ,within what seemed like only a few minutes,again David relocated the bird - and only my second Norfolk Wood Warbler gave excelent views to the small group around us. A nice follow on to the Wood Warbler that had also given superb views at Holme during last Autumns bird bonanza !

Wood Warblers are scarce migrants in norfolk these days, so a good day so far - which was about to get a lot better ! David had crossed back to the main track from our viewing position by the river, in order to get a different viewing angle into the tree, and I had just had time to send a couple of texts with news of the Wood Warblers relocation when I heard David shout ''COLLARED FLYCATCHER'' - and within seconds I was on the move past birders arriving along the river path in the hope of seeing the Wood Warbler !!

The rest as they say is history, only NORFOLK'S 4th COLLARED FLYCATCHER, and a very long wait over for many of the arriving birders

David Roche with Sophie Barker from the Observatory - a good day for all as Sophie did see the bird and was able to takeover £100 in donations from birders using the NOA Redwell Marsh car Park

A small section of the crowd !

photos of the Collared Flycatcher kindly supplied by Dave Holman

A Green Hairstreak butterfly photographed at the Obs

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