Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Black Stork Northants 15 May

A week-end spent in Bedford to entertain visitors took an unexpected turn with news of the BLACK STORK at Weedon In Northants.
Having had a leisurely dinner the bird had been present for some time before we stumbled across the news, so a quick change of afternoon plans - and suitable apologies to our understanding guests - and we were on our way. A phone call taken as we were within minutes of the site told us the bird was still showing - but just to prove how fickle life can be, we pulled up to find the bird had flown. Over an hour spent on site hoping it would be relocated proved to be wishfull thinking - though the local Buzzards tried hard to keep us entertained, and a fly through Grey Heron almost caused some excitement !!!
News that the Stork was still present the following morning meant a return journey - with the bird again flying before we arrived. As Black stork records are non-existant in Beds, Very Scarce in Northants, and Scarce even in Norfolk, the wait hoping it would be relocated gave a chance to catch up with friends from various counties in the waiting crowd - and fortunately we were to enjoy excelent views of the Stork after it was indeed relocated. In a scene remeniscent of a Whacky Races cartoon people began running to their cars and a rolling convoy headed back to the A45. After several wrong turns, u-turns and more than a little confusion we arrived at the new location - only to be met with tales of the bird flying off again !!! Fortunately these were premature as it was still in the field - but well hidden ! Excelent flight views were had and by following a footpath from the village we were able to enjoy prolonged views of the Stoprk on the ground and stunning views as it flew almost over our heads. The dilema of do I reach for the camera at this point, or just enjoy views that I may never get again fell in favour of soaking up the views - hence the rather distant and grainy shots posted of the bird on the ground. Nice in the scope but really too far for the camera.

Enjoying the views

A curious local wondering what alll the fuss was about !

Crowd Control !

The guilty culprit !

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