Friday, 1 February 2008

Long Eared Owls, Shrikes, and scarce stuff

A pair of young Owls.Sometimes you just have to be lucky and thankfull for the lightness and portability of the Compact Digital Camera.Having the adults out on feeding flights in broad daylight was the icing on the cake. Red Backed Shrike Stifkey. Unlike skulking Owls, Shrikes tend to perch on the tops of bushes and on a good day they are also more likely to allow you to get reasonably close.

My first Woodchat Shrike. Burnham Norton

Great Grey Shrike Roydon Common. Taken on a rather dull day

Lessre Spotted Woodpecker. Bedfordshire

Great Spotted woodpecker.A much bigger and a much more Common bird. Consequently a lot easier to see and to photograph.

Barred Warbler Kelling. Often a skulking bird,but here feeding on brambles at the top of a hedge - unfortunately for the camera, facing into the sunlight.
Common Rosefinch Wareham Greens. Waxwing

A selection of the scarce and unusual from the archives. Sometimes seen becuase of news broadcast on pagers etc. or the wonders of teh Mobile phone. You never really know how much, or how little, you are going to see on a day out. If you are fortunate enough to find something good, you just hope it will behave long enough to get at least 1 decent picture.

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