Thursday, 31 January 2008

August 2006 Seabirds at Bempton Cliffs After 10 years a long overdue return visit

Bridlington Seabird Cruise with Gannets Kittiwakes etc.

Puffins posing for the camera

Gannets at rest




Seeing Seabirds around the Norfolk coast is not difficult , but the cliffs at Hunstanton would not claim to offer the sheer spectacle of the breeding colonies of the Yorkshire coast, the noise and the smell of which have to be experienced to be believed !!! The Autumn of 2007 was a fabulous year for Seawatching on the Norfolk Coast, even including a few Puffins among the Gannets, Auks, Skuas, Shearwaters,Terns Kittiwakes and other Gulls that streamed past ,but Puffins really do deserve to be seen performing ,up close and personal as they do on their breeding grounds.

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