Thursday, 27 May 2010

Norfolk 22 - 26 May

Snettisham. A very vocal and obliging Sedge warbler at the entrance to the RSPB car park.

A rather hazy Turtle Dove Snettisham

25 May.Holme.Orange Tip Butterfly. A spell of seawatching produced an impressive group of 15 Gannets and a surprise in the from of 6 striking black and white Auks- almost certainlty Razorbills. Titchwell on the 23rd had offered a close female Montagues Harrier, 2 rather distant and hazy Temminks Stints, a pair of Gargeney, and nice views of a singing Cettis warbler and parties of Bearde Tits flitting around the Reeds by the path.

24 May.Green Hairstreak Butterfly Snettisham Coastal Park. 1 of 3 flitting about in the morning sunshine. 2 patch Ticks for the price of 1 when stopping to listen to a Nightingale singing deep in cover

Bug Species !! A striking combination of Black and Yellow.


pollyannapenguin said...

Looks like Plagionaotus arcuatus L. It doesn't have the characteristic squished figure of eight near the top of the elytra but markings on this one are very variable and everything else looks right.

I hope that sounded suitably knowledgeable but I confess I had to look it up!

It's apparently quite a common beetle.


pollyannapenguin said...

Sorry - can't spell today. It's Plagionotus!

pollyannapenguin said...

Oops, too speedy for my own good. I think it's Clytus lama actually. P. arcuatus is extinct in the UK. Mind you, Clytus lama isn't supposed to occur in the UK either, I don't think! It does look EXACTLY like my picture of it in A Field Guide in Colour to Beetles by K. W. Harde. (You can tell how old it is by the fact it's so proud of being in colour!)