Monday, 19 April 2010

13 April A Brambling in the hand - but no kentish plover

Brambling ringed at Holme. A good bird to see in the hand and a consolation prize for spending several hours on the beach, but with no sign of the Kentish plover reported earlier in the day. Not photographed, but putting on a spectacular display were 3 RED KITES at Snettisham - at 1 stage all circling in the same telecsope view.

Sanderling Holme Beach 13 April

Pink Footed Geese Snettisham 13 April.Both Brents and Pink Feet Still present in some numbers at both Holme and Snettisham

Egyptian Geese Snettisham 13 April with a brood of 8 young.Note the hybrid goose in the background

Barnacle Geese Snettisham 13 April. Present all year -Though a count of 19 Barnacles on Ken Hill Marsh in the winter was unusual and coincided with a flock of white fronted Geese that was well into dopuble figures

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