Monday, 8 March 2010

Dungeness via Southend 3-7 March

A journey down to Dungeness to return David to the Observatory for the season gave a chence to detour to Southend to catch up with 'Rossi' the Ring Billed Gull, as well as call in on old friends in Folkestone. The Ring Billed Gull was very obliging and Dungeness provided good views of Smew and both black Necked and Slavonian Grebes. The sea had little to offer but 3 Peregrines over the power station together were an impressive diversion. A flock of 70 Bewick Swans away from the reserve shone in the morning sunshine, with a bonus Cettis warbler seen singing in a nearby fieldside ditch.

Ring billed Gull Southend 3 March

Mediteranean Gull Southend 3 March

Black Headed Gull Southend 3 March

little Grebe Dungenesa RSPB 5 March

Balck Necked Grebe Dungeness RSPB 5 March

Smew Dungeness RSPB 6 March

Bewick Swans 6 March

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