Friday, 18 September 2009

Seabirds Galore, The first Pink Feet arrive, Flyvatchers in the Hand and 6 Glossy Ibis in a Cmabridgeshire field !

With a change in the wind direction coinciding with an escape to the Norfolk Coast Seawatching produced amazing sights,with huge numbers of Gannets passing Holme, as well as impressive numers of Skuas and Kittiwakes.The large Shearwaters escaped me, but having missed one passing Leaches Petrel, the second had the decency to fly past my scope ! The sight of a Marsh Harrier, heading west over the Sea, and under sustained attack from both a Greast and Arctic Skua was completely unexpected - and would have made wonderful footage ! Manx Shearwater records tumbled in the day I watched 329 go past Holme, and the arrival of the first Pink Footed Geese was a welcome bonus.

Glossy Ibis Sutton Gault Camebridgeshire 17 September. 6 out of a flock of 7 birds. Amazingly, the birds were found in almost exactly the same location as the lone Ibis that appeared in Camebridgeshire in 2008. 2 Little Stints, 1 Dunlin at least 2 Hobbies and 1 Kingfisher also present

Spotted Flycatcher Holme 16 September - My first of the year !

Pied Flycatcher Holme 10 september. 2 ringed on the 10th and 1 on the 11th

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